Tree Work in Guildford and Cranleigh | What Are the Main Benefits of Tree Surgery?

Your garden should serve as a tailored environment of natural beauty. Essentially a quiet oasis, this unique space should offer a welcoming atmosphere in the summer. That said, overgrowth can quickly ruin things for you, resulting in a garden lacking in visual charm. With a passion for tree work, our team can perform the necessary tree surgery to bring return light to your landscape, with all dead wooding, crown lifting and pruning managed by Guildford and Cranleigh’s trusted arborists.

This blog post looks at how tree work can improve your garden. Please call Angus Wilson Tree Care to discuss your needs, our approach and to arrange for a free quotation without obligation.

It Delivers Peace of Mind

Are you concerned about a tree at the end of your garden in Cranleigh, Guildford or Surrey? Stormy weather can bring a swaying tree down at any time, day or night, but your local tree surgeons can minimise this risk. Crown thinning makes the whole tree lighter and less prone to falling, while crown reductions lower the height and spread. If you’re unsure of the tree surgery work you need, have no fear. We inspect trees across Guildford and Cranleigh, before deciding on the specific tree work required to make the environment safe again.

It Makes for a Brighter Space

Too many shadows will make your garden less attractive. A large tree may also impact the neighbours, who would likely prefer that you do away with sunlight barriers. Calling us for tree work will satisfy those around your home in Guildford, Cranleigh or the South East – resolving disputes before they even happen. For those with garden access issues, we can lift the crown as part of a one-stop tree surgery service. This will allow you to visit any part of your garden as often as you like.

Tree Work Protects Your Plants

Although we often remove trees in Guildford and the Cranleigh area, we also prevent the spread of disease, restore hedges and help to promote healthy regrowth. Without tree surgery, plants may intertwin with one another, die out from disease and decay, or impact the surrounding flowers and plants.
We carry out tree work to keep healthy branches free of disease and infestations. This often includes formative pruning, which helps to shape a tree while it’s still growing.

Tree Surgery Prevents Issues

Deep cracks in the bark, crossed branches and disease can all impact the condition of your favourite tree. Known as a major part of tree work, dead wooding eliminates the most affected limbs so the others can thrive. Likewise, crown thinning will increase stability, making your tree in Guildford or Cranleigh less likely to topple in severe gales.

Angus Wilson Tree Care restores natural landscapes at a cost-effective rate. We operate to strict health and safety standards while keeping trees looking their best.

For tree work in Guildford, Cranleigh and the surrounding areas, call 01483 575585 or 07976 900437 and speak with our friendly tree surgery team.