Tree Removal in Cranleigh and Guildford | Our Professional Tree Felling Process

If you’re a landowner, then you may need to free up some space or return light to the garden. This is where Angus Wilson Tree Care can assist. Our experienced tree surgeons specialise in tree removal, having spent many years performing tree felling and sectional dismantling in the local area. Whether you live in Guildford, Cranleigh or the neighbouring regions, we provide a dedicated process for the safety of your landscape.

Below, we offer a glimpse into how we approach tree removal and felling projects across the South East. Our arborists also take on all forms of tree surgery work, from crown thinning and stump grinding to hedge restoration and more.

The Preparation Process

Good planning remains key to safe chainsaw work, tree felling and all other aspects of the tree removal process. Our trusted team will check for potential hazards like adjacent roads and nearby power lines, organise the prompt removal of the fallen tree and inspect for bird nests or signs of disease. Above all, our tree surgeons make sure the tree falls in the correct direction – accounting for the size of the garden and changing wind conditions.

Directional Tree Felling

Hazardous by nature, directional felling demands close attention to detail, not only in the felling cut but also in the correct use of PPE and other safety measures. Our tree removal team ensures a controlled descent for the unwanted tree, which occurs in a matter of seconds. From there, we can get to work removing the limbs and buttress roots, clearing your environment in Cranleigh or the Guildford area in fantastic time.

Sectional Tree Removal

Directional tree felling isn’t always the best solution, however. Sometimes, sectional tree removal proves the safest and most effective method available. In such cases, our tree surgeons will wear harnesses that anchor to the tree itself, while operating handsaws and chainsaws to remove the branches without impacting the tree’s structural integrity.

Rest assured, we apply the same best practices to everything we do – be it tree removal in the Guildford area or directional tree felling in Cranleigh. Additionally, all equipment we use complies fully with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Stump Grinding

Although the felling process restores sunlight to the landscape, a stump will remain in the place of the fallen tree. To reuse this area in the future and prevent pests and suckering, our tree surgeons can grind the stump using specialist machinery. This turns what remains of the tree into mulch, giving you a clear space of natural beauty. If you prefer, we can remove all branches and mulch from your garden, taking all materials for green recycling.

From hedge restoration in Guildford to tree removal in Cranleigh and the South East, you can rely on Angus Wilson Tree Care for a blend of care, customer service and true professionalism.

Please call 01483 575585 or 07976 900437 for safe tree removal in Cranleigh and Guildford. We perform tree felling across the South East.