Trusted Tree Surgery and Tree Felling in Guildford

For over 25 years, Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care, based in Chilworth, has been providing professional tree surgery and tree felling services to homeowners all over Guildford and the surrounding areas. Whether your tree has grown too large, requires thinning or felling, or you are interested in having trees planted, our tree surgeons offer expert tree services at extremely competitive prices.

Professional Tree Surgery Services


From branch pruning, deadwooding and crown thinning, to sectional dismantling and tree felling, Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care has all your tree surgery service needs covered. We strive to exceed customer expectations on every project and enjoy helping both domestic and commercial clients in and around Guildford.


Some specimens are covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) or may be sited in conservation areas. We carry out checks before any works commence and, if any protection orders exist, we can advise and progress to gain the necessary permissions.


Our excellent team of Guildford-based tree surgeons is fully equipped to tackle trees of all shapes and sizes and has the experience and knowledge needed to accurately diagnose any problems. We aim to improve the health and aesthetic appeal of your tree by applying practiced treatments and techniques, to restore and regenerate trees of all types.


We provide tree surgery treatments that include everything from crown lifting and formative pruning, to disease control and tree felling.



Our professional tree surgery services include:

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Tree Pruning


Professional tree pruning helps to enhance a tree’s shape and control growth. Tree pruning should be carried out by skilled and knowledgeable tree surgeons trained to NPTC standards.

Crown Thinning and Cleaning


Crown thinning will reduce the density of the crown. Crown cleaning will remove dead or diseased branches from the tree. Our Guilford-based tree surgeons are experts in analysing the health of your tree to establish precisely which branches should be removed, ensuring the optimum health of your tree.

Crown Lifting


Crown lifting involves the removal of low branches to raise the canopy of the tree. This is a specialist selective process and should only be undertaken by professional tree surgeons such as ourselves. Crown lifting is ideal for homeowners looking to create more light and space below the tree canopy.

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Tree Felling and Dismantling


At Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care, we have provided countless tree felling services throughout Guildford and the surrounding Surrey region. Tree felling may involve the removal of a tree in sections for safety reasons or to avoid damage to property. Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care has been providing this service for over 25 years.


Our trusted tree surgeons are experienced in the safe use of chainsaws and successful tree felling techniques. We are happy to perform tree surgery on trees of all shapes and sizes. Our reliable tree surgery and tree felling services also include the removal of dangerous trees, tree planting and stump grinding.

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