Stump Grinding and Tree Felling in Guildford | Health & Safety

As qualified and experienced tree surgeons in Guildford, Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care understands the importance of Health & Safety. Knowing the most relevant and up-to-date Health & Safety practices is vital for avoiding potential accidents or damage, when carrying out stump grinding and tree felling services. In this blog post, we’re looking at some of these safe working practices and why they are so important.


Importance of Health & Safety


Tree-climbing operations, tree felling and stump grinding services should be performed by operatives with the suitable training, experience and equipment. Not only does this type of work pose a risk to the person undertaking it, but also to others and the surrounding environment if not done carefully. This is why our tree surgeons in Guildford follow strict Health & Safety procedures at all times.


What are the potential hazards?

There are numerous potential hazards that our tree surgeons prepare for when completing tree felling or stump grinding services in Guildford and the surrounding Surrey areas.


Tree felling risks:

  • Falling trees or branches
  • Falling from height
  • Injury from throwback objects
  • Incorrect use of machinery and equipment
  • Stings due to a wasp or bee nest
  • Electric shock from a power line

Stump grinding risks:

  • Incorrect use or loss of control of machinery
  • Dust and soil borne diseases (Legionella)
  • Injury from flying rocks and debris
  • Electric shock from buried electrical lines
  • Burns from engine or hot exhaust
  • Injury during loading and unloading


Safe Working Practices


At Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care, all our experienced tree surgeons are fully insured and qualified to carry out tree felling and stump grinding in the Guildford area. Every tree surgeon in our team has undergone high levels of NPTC and BS:3998 training. We also stay up-to-date with the latest Health & Safety policies to minimise risk and always work with consideration to the surrounding environment and potential hazards.


Here are some of the safe working practices we follow:


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – All personnel are required to wear PPE, such as eye protection, gloves, safety helmet, protective boots, non-snag and high-visibility clothing.


Risk Assessments – Site-specific risk assessments must be conducted prior to beginning tree felling or stump grinding work, to identify any potential Health & Safety risks early.


Pre-Operational Safety Checks – Safety checks should be made before starting, for example checking the positioning of rigging and making equipment inspections.


Equipment Training – Operatives must be fully trained to use the potentially dangerous machinery and equipment required for the job e.g. stump grinding machines and chainsaws.


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