Our Supporting Services in Tree Work

In Guildford, Cranleigh, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and the South East

We’ve made quality tree care the very heartbeat of our company, but there’s just as much passion in our supporting range of services as there is in our tree work. Here, we look at our related services in a little more detail and explain how they help our customers. Free site visits are a part of these services and, if there is no work needed, we promise to be honest and upfront with you on this count at all times.

Our friendly, customer-focused approach has won us plenty of friends in the surrounding Guildford and Cranleigh areas. Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care has an excellent regional reputation, one that continues to spread across Surrey.

Stump Grinding

A mechanical process to reduce the remaining stump of a felled tree to sub-floor level. It is a well-known fact that stumps can harbour bacteria and encourage the growth of honeysuckle. A stump grinder reduces timber to a mulch that we then use to backfill the hole. Should we have an excess of mulch left, we can leave it behind for your garden or remove it for green recycling.

Stump grinding clears land of potential tripping hazards to make local gardens much safer.

Hedge Cutting

Keep hedges in good condition and pathways clear with hedge cutting services from Angus Wilson Quality Tree Care. We work on all hedge species, taking particular care to only cut at times of the year where our work won’t have an impact on nesting birds. We carry out pruning and trimming of wall shrubs and climbers such as Pyracantha and Wisteria.

Importantly, we can handle work at the opposite end of the spectrum, offering precision cutting for box hedges. Our hedge cutting services include cypress screen management.

Hedge Restoration

Over the years, all hedges get bigger. We offer a restoration service tailored to the needs of the hedge owner and the species involved. If it is a need for more space, such as along your driveway or reduction in height to let in more light, we can advise on the particular technique suited to your hedge and when is the best time to carry out the work. We offer aesthetic conifer hedge overhang removal where one side of the hedge is required to be retained, keeping the neighbours happy.

We see restoring hedges as one of our most important services and always plan our work around what you want from them.

Cobra Tree Bracing

Cobra is one of the most dynamic support systems in the field of tree surgery, based around insightful scientific research and with a flexible design that absorbs shock well. Cobra tree bracing is safe, inexpensive and preserves all species. The Cobra system uses high-strength woven tube to support weak parts of a tree’s crown that may be subject to storm damage, reducing the risk of damage or loss of amenity.

Studies show that in the hands of a competent professional, Cobra tree bracing will not need replacing for up to 12 years.

For tree work and related services in Guildford, Cranleigh, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and the South East, call 01483 575585 or 07976 900437.